In today's world, it is crucial to monitor all the activities at the shopping mall because no one wants to find himself in a dangerous situation due to dysfunctional or lack of a security system. That is why you will find that in most shopping malls, there are fully operational security systems strategically placed to improve security. In the digital era, video monitoring has emerged as the number one contender for safety in the shopping malls and other public places. However, there are other security systems that have been proven to be just as effective.

The Best Security Systems for Shopping Malls

CCTV Security Cameras Most shopping malls install CCTV security cameras to help monitor common areas of the mall like food courts, walkways, and parking lots. Some malls also employ human security guards to monitor the cameras and make random inspections around the mall and patrol parking areas. Crimes in shopping malls usually follow a typical pattern and can include shoplifting, nuisance behaviors, or even robberies. Shopping malls located in affluent areas are likely to attract a greater number of car thieves too. CCTV security captures excellent image quality and provides security departments with a clear picture of the mall surroundings in real-time and recordings.

Some of the systems and solutions for Shopping Malls include: CCTV System, Fire Alarms, Gate Automations & Barriers, Access Control, Public address system, and Solar Power Solutions

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