The first line of security: detect to deter and protect

Intrusion alarms help protect physical assets, be it homes, laboratories, offices, data centres, or godowns; and thereby deter crime and vandalism to provide a safer environment. Such systems are designed to detect intruder presence on your premises, trigger a siren and communicate the alarm event to a security monitoring centre (pre-determined choices) for an appropriate response.


An intrusion alarm system must first detect the intruder and this is best achieved by installing a combination of detection devices throughout your premises. Usually, magnetic contacts trigger an alarm when someone tries to break into your house or store, while the siren is used to both deter further criminal activity, as well as alert the neighborhood. Popular intrusion detection devices include door/window contacts; glass break detectors; infrared (IR) sensors; IR breams; control panels; outdoor sirens and sirens. Elcom’s intrusion alarm systems are available as wired systems, wireless or hybrid systems.


The key to a successful intruder alarm system is the careful selection and configuration of the control panel and detection devices to suit the level of risk and environment. This maximizes the ability for intrusion events to be detected and minimizes unwanted false alarms.

Our solutions match the unique risk and environment of each client, be it residential and small businesses, or offices, banks, large corporations or hospitals, and government departments. From a simple intruder alarm panel to a world-class sophisticated multi-site/enterprise application, Elcom’s highly reliable products ensure solutions that fit your requirements.


Door/Window Contacts

Glass break detectors

PIR-Motion Detectors

Line Sensors

Control Panel

Outdoor/Indoor Sirens

Wireless Receiver

Wireless Repeater








GPRS enabled

Built-in power and data backup


Realtime clock


Remote keypad