Terms & Condition

General Terms and Conditions

I. General information

  1. Supplies, services and offerings from ELCOM shall be offered only subject to General Terms and Conditions (GTC) specified in this document. No other conditions shall apply even if ELCOM delivers the product without specific reservations.
  2. These GTC also apply to future transactions with customer, even if ELCOM has not specifically referred to the applicability of these General Terms and Conditions. Any deviations from these terms shall require the written confirmation of ELCOM to be valid.


II. Offers, Validity, Order Finalization & Conclusion of contract

  1. Offers by ELCOM, unless otherwise specified in writing, are subject to change and are non-binding.
  2. Offers and quotations, if otherwise specified or extended in writing are valid for 30 days only.
  3. Kindly inform the billing, delivery address in advance or else the details in offer/quotation shall be considered as final.
  4. The customer's order is binding for 14 days. The contract/order is concluded once ELCOM has confirmed acceptance in writing (SALES ORDER / Order Acceptance) within that period or makes the delivery.
  5. Order will be considered as final and accepted after the customer has acknowledged the Sales Order / Order acceptance of ELCOM with signature and stamp and has submitted to ELCOM a copy along with 50% advance of the total project value. Verbal orders shall not be accepted.
  6. Once the order is finalized as mentioned in Sales Order of ELCOM, no payment shall be deducted by the customer for that order. If this happens, ELCOM reserves the right to NOT honor its SERVICE/ GARUNTEE/ WARRANTY commitments after the sale of its products.
  7. ELCOM retains ownership and copyright on all documentation provided to the customer in the context of the offer and order placement, such as calculations, drawings, etc. These documents may not be disclosed to third parties unless ELCOM has given the customer explicit written permission to do so.
  8. Payment must be cleared on the day, installation job is completed.
  9. Goods once sold / installed are not returnable / exchangeable. In extreme cases of non payments (impart or otherwise), ELCOM reserves the right to take back its full material with 25% of project value extra to cover the cost of its expenses.


III. Prices

  1. ELCOM prices are considered ex-factory. Taxes legally applicable will be charged extra as applicable at the time of delivery of goods.
  2. Orders valued Rs. 10000/- or more shall be delivered without freight charges.
  3. Any discount if mentioned, shall apply only to the cost of goods. It shall not apply to  prices of cables, installation charges, taxes, freight and packing charges.


IV. Delivery

  1. The delivery time specified by ELCOM is non-binding unless otherwise agreed in writing. If a binding delivery time has been agreed upon, the agreed delivery time shall be extended accordingly in case of unforeseen, extraordinary and unavoidable events, particularly in case of strikes of any kind or if deliveries to us are delayed, even if these events only occur during an existing delay.
  2. Also, in case of a binding delivery time, ELCOM is entitled to exercise partial delivery and early deliveries. The customer shall bear all costs incurred by ELCOM as a result of default of acceptance, including any resulting damage claims against ELCOM.


VII. Payment Terms

  1. 50% Advance payments against the issue of Purchase Order (P.O. is must)
  2. 50% on delivery of goods
  3. Installation charges shall be paid immediately on completion of installation.
  4. While making out payment, please quote our Invoice/Quotation No. as a reference.
  5. If there is a deduction or delay in payment by customer, ELCOM reserves the right to not honor its SERVICE/ GARUNTEE/ WARRANTY commitments after the sale of its products and also reserves the right to take back its materials to compensate the losses.



  1. ELCOM's warranty applies for a period of 1 year from the INVOICE Date against any manufacturing defects or faulty workmanship. If ELCOM has legally guaranteed only a shorter warranty period, this shall take precedence over the warranty period specified herein.
  2. Notification of defects must be made immediately in case of obvious defects, but must be received by ELCOM no later than 7 working days after receipt of the goods at the determined location, in writing or by fax, email with an exact description of the defect. Notification of hidden defects must be made in writing immediately after their discovery, with an exact description. ELCOM is not obligated to honor the warranty if the customer fails to notify ELCOM in writing of obvious damage within the claim period. The customer must demonstrate that the claim has been made in writing on time. In case of justified claims ELCOM undertakes – insofar as the defect was claimed in writing within the claim period – either to correct the defect or to replace the goods, as ELCOM deems suitable.
  3. Serial No. /stickers should not be tempered at all to claim guarantee.
  4. Within 1 year of installation, complaints will be attended within 2 working days. Ask for service slip and sign/stamp the same for record.
  5. Any complaints/losses arising because of short circuit, lightning, breakage of fragile parts, water logging, spilling, tempering is not covered under guarantee.
  6. We assume to get stabilized 220V/50 Hz. AC power for proper functioning of items.
  7. After lapse of guarantee period, services will be restored only if we receive AMC (labour contract). AMC charges (labour contract) are 11% of project cost for standard contract and 16% for express contract.




  1. Once the camera is fixed, it is customer’s responsibility to ensure that power is on, cables are not cut, cleaning of cameras takes place regularly and camera is safe from all vandal attacks..
  2. Visit charges for any complain not related to the function of camera will be charged extra @ Rs. 750/- or 1100/- depending on the location of site.
  3. Shifting of cameras shall be charged @ Rs. 500/- per camera extra in addition to visit charges as above.


  1. Visit charges for any complaint in computer not related to CCTV either in H/W or S/W will charged extra @Rs.750/- per visit. (Valsad District, Vapi, Daman, Silvassa, and Navsari) and @ Rs. 1100/- at other places
  2. ELCOM is not liable for any loss of data due to Hardware malfunction etc. We shall extend full help as needed. In case a HDD formatting is needed due to which data is deleted, ELCOM cannot be held responsible.
  3. Checking of recording status day to day is the responsibility of the customer.
  4. Extra services like formatting, loading of software, copying data from Hard Disk Drive to CD / Pen Drive, Internet setting etc will be done on additional charges of Rs.1000/- per visit.
  5. Remote surveillance viewing depends upon many parameters apart from specifications of DVR like, speed of internet; system configurations at the viewing end, downloading speed etc. Hence video images might not be real in spite of real time DVR supplied to you.
  6. We try to design and cover your premises is the best possible manner with your consent, knowledge, inputs and permissions. In case of any unforeseen theft or loss in any form or non recovery of goods / data etc. happens, ELCOM will not be held responsible / liable.
  7. Interaction with your broadband / internet service provider regarding complaints etc is your responsibility.
  8. In case of any complaints in DVR Stand Alone or Card the same will not be replaced, it will be repaired. Till the time it is disconnected from the system, we will give you basic 4 Channel Stand Alone DVR as Stand-by.
  9. Specified or not there is no discount on HDD cost.
  10. During play back of recorded data picture clarity is bound to be lost.



  1. Customer should learn operation and remember the passwords of the security panel. Periodic cleaning of sensors is must by client.
  2. System has battery back-up for a limited period. The battery needs replacement anytime. ELCOM is not responsible or cannot guarantee the life of Battery as it is a third party item.
  3. PIR sensors are dependent on light and weather conditions and are for indoor usage only. ELCOM cannot guarantee 100% performance.
  4. If there is a cable breakage, it is not covered under scope of ELCOM.



  1. Periodic cleaning of the sensors & functional tests is in scope of client.
  2. Customer should learn the operation and remember the passwords.
  3. Battery back-up of system is must. Cables should be armored.



  1. Periodic cleaning of the sensors & functional tests is in scope of client.
  2. Customer should learn the operation and remember the passwords.
  3. Battery back-up of system is must.
  4. System is supplied with standard software. Any modifications is in is possible will be confirmed and shall be charged extra.



  1. Installation charges as in quotation are for Fixing & Installation of equipments at the pre-decided positions. Once the equipment is fixed, shifting of the same will attract additional charge of 350/- per equipment.
  2. Cost of laying of cables on walls or otherwise is extra as per site requirements.
  3. During installation we require full support and guiding for the us route of cables etc.
  4. Cost of any civil/carpentry/ masonry work etc needed shall be under your scope.
  5. Any unforeseen damages occurring by our staff during installation will not be in our account.
  6. During installation ladders etc. have to be provided by you.
  7. Installation will start after receipt of 100% payment against delivery of goods.
  8. ELCOM shall inform the customer of completion and customer needs to check and get himself trained with the system.
  9. We request the customer for signing up the job completion report a filling up our feedback-form for our evaluation and up gradation of our services.



  1. After the completion of warranty period of 1 year or as specified, service will be made available only if AMC is been taken by customer and full payment of AMC amount is paid to ELCOM at the pre-decided positions.
  2. AMC is NON-COMPREHENSIVE (LABOR ONLY) and is charged 11% of equipment cost for standard AMC (36 Hrs.) & 16% for Express AMC (within 24 hrs). The period mentioned with exclusive of holidays and weekly offs.
  3. AMC ensures 4 free & preventive maintenance service & breakdown service as per AMC type. In Express service, standby equipment shall be made available.

Note: ALL SECURITY EQUIPMENTS ARE MEANT AS PREVENTIVE MEASURES TO AVOID/DELAY & DETER THE PROCESS OF THEFT. THEY NOWHERE GUARANTEE YOU THEFT PREVENTION IN TOTAL. ELCOM cannot be held responsible or liable in an event of any unfortunate incident even after installation of any security system.