Ensuring safety with speed and precision in fire detection.

Fire Alarm systems (heat detectors, smoke detectors, gas detectors, control panel and sirens) are crucial for homes, offices, medical facilities or public spaces. They help prevent loss of life and damage to property by detecting fire or gas leaks as soon as smoke or heat develops. They are crucial to containing threat and limiting liability, as well as protecting resources. From raising alarm via siren or lighting systems, to aiding quick evacuation and extinguishing fire at an early stage, fire alarm systems ensure improved safety.

Elcom offers a comprehensive range of fire detection solutions suitable for a wide range of projects, be it a small, simple installation or a large multi-building site complex.


At Elcom, we work with you closely to understand critical needs and to ensure dependable fire protection through an optimised fire alarm system. Our systems are a complete solution, built from components that have been specifically designed and tested to ensure end-to-end compatibility as well as seamless fire detection and appropriate response.



Heat Detectors

Smoke Detectors

Gas Detectors

Control Panel (conventional and addressable)








Remote monitoring

24x7 Operation

Built-in power and data backup

EN54 and EN 12094-1 standard compliant