Professional Services

expertise, experience & management systems made us professionals.

As a leading provider of systems and solutions, ELCOM can offer a thorough assessment of your requirement that pinpoints unique challenges, vulnerabilities of any organization. Our trained, knowledgeable, certified professionals can provide you with free site assessments as per site feasibility. We have worked with clients ranging from a small store to Fortune 500 company and Government agencies, giving us the experience to identify and recommend a very effective and appropriate solution.

In addition to security risk assessment, we can provide a variety of professional services for making your systems most efficient. Our team consists of certified engineers, technicians, system integration specialists with a combined experience in security, solar, and IT so our clients can trust we can deliver an integrated solution that save time, money, and resources. 

Our professional services include:  

  • Project Consultancy

  • Project Management

  • On-site systems operations training

  • Technical Assistance Center (TAC)   - Online