Safeguarding every potential point of vulnerability.

Access Control & Biometrics

An ideal example of technology-driven design, Access Control Devices, and Biometric devices offer enhanced security with greater control.

Access control systems have primarily three applications – monitoring the locations of individuals in the premises, controlling and providing specific access, and managing individual user permissions correctly. These systems leverage improved premise safety for residents, employees, customers, or visitors, as well as help control and provide specific access. You can restrict access to sensitive areas such as data rooms, vaults, or bedrooms and manage individual user permissions to deter and detect intrusion.


ELCOM offers biometric devices such as smart cards, RFID-cards, fingerprint/palm/retina scanners, and face recognition systems that offer top tier security due to the unique and hack-proof nature of the human biometry. Although such systems are primarily concerned with granting/denying access at doors, their functionality can be extended further through the addition of software and /or firmware.


Our access control solutions are tailored to fit your specifications. Depending on the traffic of your premises (single point or multi-point entry) and your requirement for additional data (attendance, payroll), ELCOM works with you to select the optimal access control solution, with or without the inclusion of biometric devices.

At ELCOM, we ensure that your access control solution is seamlessly integrated with other pre-existing security systems such as CCTV systems, intrusion alarm systems and even building management systems.