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Most home and business intrusion incidents happen at crucial entry or exit points. A video door phone (VDP) enables you to see your visitors remotely before opening doors, thus preventing surprise attacks or criminal activity.

Working as an electronic ‘peephole,’ a VDP is a popular security option for homes, hostels and business offices. Whether you’ve got kids or senior citizens who spend a large part of the day alone at home, or frequent visitors, a VDP offers security with greater convenience. You can open a door automatically for known individuals without interrupting work, save the effort of guests having to climb stairs in your absence, and even communicate and co-ordinate with security personnel.


Powered by the in-house developed 1+n, elbus and i2 Bus technologies, Elcom door phone systems are the most reliable and technologically advanced audio and video door phones in India, as well as being extremely easy to install. Our VDP’s come with a variety of features including hands-free communication, memory function, and SOS-alarm. Additionally, TFT monitors with natural color response make it easy to view visitors from the telephone.  


ELCOM state-of-the-art VDPs allow you to open doors remotely, be it from any location on the premises or your mobile phone, as well as record images of visitors in your absence, providing unparalleled ease of use and enhanced security with comfort.

Our outdoor/lobby units (door stations), available for single or multiple users, are a pleasing combination of modern materials and component technology in a timeless, classic form, that match the exclusivity of designer buildings. Slim in build and elegantly designed, the indoor units (door phones) blend seamlessly with modern interiors while allowing the user to easily monitor the entry area.



(Note: specs might change without notice due to process of up-gradation) 

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