Universal Distributor for Multi-apartment system
1+n Technology


Universal distributor for Multi-apartment system
Used with Multi-user door station/ KDS-256 Door Station
Distribution of Power, Video, Audio & SOS on each floor
Input & Output through RJ45 Jack for fast installation
One Input from Door Station / UD-400 (max 10 UDs)
4 nos. Output to phones in each flat on floor
Input on twisted pair – CAT6 Cabling
Output on twisted pair – CAT6 Cabling
Adjustment for Video gain - for better video quality
Input Voltage : 12V   (-from PSU-NGV-860)
LED Indication for online power
ABS Housing : Dimension (W X H X D ) : 95 x 95 x 56
DIN Rail Mount – Space requirement 6 TE
Unit Supplied with manual